frittata di zucchini e ricotta (courgette and ricotta frittata)

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frittata di zucchini e ricotta (courgette and ricotta frittata)

This week I emailed a busy Italian journalist and mum I know in Rome and asked her what she cooks her kids when she’s up against it, with hardly any time to think, let alone plan meals, shop and cook. In case you hadn’t guessed, that’s where I’m at now. Too much going on, and too little time to do it in. But enough about me.  Her suggestion was simple and nutritious with the bonus of hidden vegetables. I had this frittata on the table in under 15 minutes from when I started making it. Daughter loved it, courgettes and all. Not sure she spotted them under the ketchup to be honest! She certainly wasn’t fooled by the lovely glossy cherry tomatoes you see in my photo. “I don’t eat tomatoes Mummy. Not ever.” So I served her tomato-free frittata along with some potato croquettes I remembered to pop in the oven. Leftover frittata can be eaten cold. 

Preparation time – under 5 minutes

Cooking time – under 10 minutes

Serves 1 adult and 2 children



4 eggs beaten

4 dessert spoons parmesan cheese

125g ricotta 

2 courgettes grated

dried herbs – a pinch of anything in your cupboard e.g. parsley or oregano

olive oil



1. Preheat your grill to a medium-high heat. Next take a largish bowl and whisk together the beaten egg and herbs. Then add the parmesan, ricotta and courgettes and combine gently. 

2. On the hob, heat a glug of oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Then tip the mixture in and cook for about 5 minutes. You should see the edges start to cook, but the centre is still runny. 

3. Next place the pan under the grill. Not too close to the heat though. After 2 minutes the frittata should have started to turn golden on top. Remove from grill and slide frittata onto plate where you can cut it up like a pizza.


  1. This looks scrumptious! I could have done with the recipe tonight!

  2. We had this for dinner last night with chicken and mozzarella sausages. We don’t usually have much success with egg but I decided to give this a go because it sounded so yummy (and easy!), and I would really like them to eat eggs more readily.

    Chloe (nearly 5) was horrified by the idea (“I don’t like that, I don’t want that”) but when it came out of the oven she said “that actually looks quite good”. When she finally ate a bit she literally jumped off her chair and shouted “YUMMY!”. She then proceeded to eat more frittata than sausage and to steal extra bits off her sister’s plate which is nothing short of a miracle in this house. (Chloe is part-caveman.)

    Next time I will add a little more parmesan cheese just to give it a bit more flavour but this is definitely a winner. Thanks!!

    • Wow…. thanks for the big thumbs up from your 5 year olds. Glad it was such a success especially with carnivore cave-girl. I guess you didn’t get a chance to try it cold as leftovers;-)

  3. Hi Tamsin,

    Oliver absolutely loved this! I nearly cried I was so happy he couldn’t stuff it in his mouth fast enough. He has never liked anything I have given him to eat this much ever. Usually with courgette he just spits it out.

    I will be trying a new recipe soon and will email you more pics of the results!

    Love K x

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