tramezzini di ricotta e anguria (watermelon and ricotta sarnies)

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tramezzini di ricotta e anguria (watermelon and ricotta sarnies)

What’s not to love about cool pink sandwiches for a dessert or snack? The icy crunch of chilled watermelon combined with silky sweet ricotta. Irresistable.  This embarrasingly simple idea makes a healthy change from endless lollies and ice-cream. Little people love helping cut the shapes out and bigger people might also like to try these with a slice or two of parma ham, and a nice glass of chilled white wine. 


Preparation time 5 minutes

Freezer time 15 minutes



pastry or scone cutters, any shape. 

slices of watermelon, about 2cm thick

Ricotta cheese – a couple of dessert spoons

honey – a teaspoon or two. 



1. Mix a teaspoon of honey into a couple of dessert spoons of ricotta. Add more if you’d like it sweeter.

2. Flick as many seeds out of your big watermelon slices as possible. Or the lazier preferred option is to leave as many in as you think you can get away with! Then press out shapes using cutters.

3. Take half of your shapes, and spread with the ricotta mixture before putting another shape on top. Sorry if I’m explaining how to make a sandwich! Pop the little lovelies on a plate and into the freezer.  They’ve firmed up nicely after 15 minutes, ready to be eaten. Outside preferably. And not wearing white. Watermelon really stains! 


  1. Delish! These recipes look so yummy, your daughter is one lucky little lady! I look forward to reading (and making!) many more!

    • Thanks Jessica. Really kind of you to comment and I hope you like the recipes too.

  2. I hadn’t thought to pair watermelon and ricotta. Why hadn’t I. Looks amazing.

  3. I can’t wait to see my daughters face when she sees them this afternoon!!! I love the website. Will be trying most of your suggestions. I cook a lot and am I always willing to try new delicious things.

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